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August 12, 2006


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All this internet and social media stuff is just for isn't it and older people are facing a bleak future of digital exclusion. Tell that to Peter, a 79 year-old "living in the middle of England", who as geriatric1927 has become the latest start of YouT... [Read More]


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Dan Hill

Greetings Rob,

Your point here seems to have swayed Stuart Bruce.

I always saw the distinction as to take your hat off to someone is a mark of being impressed whereas to tip your hat is to show acknowledgement.

But you're right, it is not as clear as saying "thanks to ... for the pointer" although it is more succinct.

Best regards

Simon Collister


I take offence at your statement "who the hell has worn a hat since Winston Churchill?". I keep a felt fedora for winter and a light cotton cap for summer!!!!

No, seriously. Fair point about jargon though!

Rob Skinner

Simon - I stand corrected. I'm impressed by your choice of headgear!
Dan - thanks for the interpretations!
Sorry if I have shown disrespect for what is obviously a buzz-phrase in the blogging community. I am still a new boy! But as more and more people read blogs for the first time, it makes sense to remember they may be puzzled.

Philip Young

This is more of a helmet-tip, Rob. Good to see another PR blogger who is into cycling. As Simon Collister and I have both remarked, the two interests do seem to go together.

Rob Skinner

Philip - I fear my blogging has kept me from my bike this summer!


Any link between those hard bicycle saddles, tight shorts and the recent strumpette story...


Lobster Blogster

Hat-tip in the blog world just means I ripped of your article.

BTW I wore a panama when I got married in June.


well, tip my hat is in a famous who song, but actually i googled to find out what it actually meant! it is obviously a compliment, an inherited blast from te past; i'm using it in a speech and i'll have a hat on, and i presume when i say i'll tip my hat, just a forward motion of my head will suffice!!


Thanks for your comments and good luck with your speech. The fact that this post is one of my most googled a year on suggests I wasn't the only one person who was confused!


First time reading your blog. Where do you get the time? At work?



Jeremy - I usually blog in the evening and weekends, when Karen's watching tv or asleep! NB, we're about to take the plunge and buy an HP laptop, following your example.

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