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July 08, 2006


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Jonathan Traynor

Hey Rob, enjoyed your presesntation at the conference. I agree with you that PR needs to get to grips with the 'new media dynamic' :) but it is precisely the attempt to categorise, box and package new media that often ends up self-defeating. As a father of two I know that at the first sniff of corporate infiltration young people either run from the medium, or block the advertisers.
Again thanks for the presentation

Simon Collister

Thanks for the plug, Rob.
When are we going to see a First Direct call centre in Second Life??

Rob Skinner

Jonathan - thanks for the comment. I agree that PR's response to blogging and social networks must reflect the mood and tone of the users of new media. That's why many still think the corporate blog is an oxymoron.
Simon - I'll let you know when we appear in Second Life! (Assuming Paxman has left...)

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