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August 06, 2006


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Hi Rob,

As a Midlands journalist I always follow discussions about regional newspapers with interest.

I agree with you about the Birmingham Post, but I would question how long it is since it was selling such high numbers as commentators are saying.

It is only three years since a scandal involving inflated readership figures led to changes in the way they are measured, didn't it?

My own experience of working on three other papers viewed as being in competition with The Post, coupled with targeting media material at its pages, in my re-incarnation as a PR woman, is that it is a hugely respected paper that can still set the Midlands news agenda.

So when you contemplate the circualtion figures in that light, I find them even more amazing.

I can remember seeing even the 'inflated' figures some years ago and thinking they were low.

I could go on for ages about how the calibre of the journalists on major regional papers rivals peers on the nationals despite the poor pay and day to day pressure of shrinking budgets but I'd better get on.

All best.


Rob Skinner

I agree that the calibre of regional journalists often more than matches that of their national counterparts. But then I may be influenced by my parents - former regional journalists (in South Wales)!

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