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February 21, 2007


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Simon Collister

Always a fan of the Third Way I asked my fiancee's Dad for his blessing in marrying his daughter. We (fiancee and I) both agreed that we didn't need his permission but as he is a spiritual man it would be nice to know he approved in his own way.

Ian Green


I did ask my FIL for his daughter's hand in marriage. I've never seen a man so delighted in my life when he shook my hand. I did wonder at the time why he was so joyful at finally getting his daughter of his hands.



Goodness that is odd, me and Ellie have been emailing each other over the last day or so - she is a lovely woman but gets some real stick on CiF - how funny to come on here and read about her latest piece!

We went to see Miss Potter last week and her suitor went to see her dad to ask and was told: "no" - I wonder how often that happens! :)

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