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April 02, 2007


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Stuart Bruce - Wolfstar

Fascinating account. I remember being at Hookergate School in High Spen at the time. Even then the publishing industry was in full swing and I remember going to the newsagent to buy a special magazine that detailed the forces of both sides.


There is a very dedicated crew working very hard to get Vulcan XH558 back in the sky in time for the victory celebrations. They are based at Bruntingthorpe in Leciestershire and have a very informative web site at http://www.tvoc.co.uk/default.asp
This site includes web cams of the work in progress as well as video and still photography of the project.


Stuart - I remember buying a book about the war in June 1982 in Toronto. It was obviously rushed out as it didn't mention the outcome of the war! JR - thanks for giving details about the efforts to get XH558 back in the air.


I emigrated from Britain to Canada in '79. A return visit to the UK coincided with the first day of the war. On arrival at Heathrow I was appalled and embarrased at the jingoistic newspapers and talk I heard in the bar while waiting to be met. My father knew captain Ian North of the Atlantic Conveyor. In two weeks time I will be visiting the Falklands for the first time.


Brian - thanks for your vivid impression of Britain at the start of the war. Enjoy your visit to the Falklands.


Hey there Rob-

I am a Film student producing a short documentary on the Falklands War- briefly touching on the events of the HMS Sheffield. I was wondering if you had higher resolution copies of these newspaper articles? They would really aid our documentary.

Do let me know. Coincidentally, I worked in the PR industry for a bit too!

Many thanks

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