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June 21, 2008


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Charlie Brett

Aaah, the days of Shoot magazine, I remember them well.

Your League Ladders anecdote reminds me of when the Daily Echo, Southampton's evening paper, placed Southampton just about the relegation at the expense of Sheffield United, on the basis of alphabetical order. The Echo, apparently, had a convenient policy of referring to them as "Saints" at all times!! Thankfully SFC didn't rely on this come the end of the season as I'm not sure the League would have agreed!


Great to hear from you. I was thinking of your Saints 2003 FA Cup Final diary when Cardiff made this year's final.

Andrew Wake

I can still vividly remember the free pop out cardboard Magpie studio that came with the first two editions of Look In. It's long gone now but I do still have my Kung Fu medallion which must have been from the mid Seventies. Ah, Grasshopper!

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