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November 21, 2009


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OMG you are still putting first direct in bold! You were/are entrenched!

Stuart Bruce

Here, here. The loss of the Technology section is devastating. Despire running a PR company that is best known for its online work, I'm still a lover of print. I'd read most of the Technology section, I don't and won't read it online. It's just too difficult. I can read a paper on the sofa, in the bath, in bed, standing in a queue. Reading on my laptop or phone just isn't the same.

The loss of the Observer busiess section means that I'll no longer buy it regularly. At the moment I tend to alternate between the Sunday Times and the Observer, as I like both, but neither is quite good enough. But without a business section in the Observer, it will no longer be an option. So much for the Save the Observer campaign!


Glad you agree, Stuart. I first read the Observer 31 years ago when my father bought it during the Sunday Times' year-long absence. You got it spot on when you talked about neither paper (in 2009) being quite good enough. As a Guardian reader, I'd love to ditch the Sunday Times but find the Observer never quite hits the spot. Oddly, I think the problem is the comment section, which the Guardian does so well. I can't help feeling the Observer will lose a lot of readers through ditching the separate business section. And I feel for the excellent journalists who are losing their jobs.

Charlie - it will take me a long time time to ditch the bold title for fd! Actually, the problem is the lower case name. It just gets lost.

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