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March 12, 2011


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Radio Control Helicopter Fan (Bill)

I was born in Stein and moved to Manchester in 1975 for work. The last time I visited was for my 60th last year and stayed in a very nice little fishermans cottage. It's such a beautiful, peaceful and friendly area also no mobile phone reception where I was so not interruptions which was great. I can see from your blogs you seem to be into trains well I'm into helicopters and own many, many radio controlled helicopters (can't afford a full size one unfortunately) .I took one with me and I wasn't short on space to fly them, I also strapped a camera to it and have some beautiful aerial footage of the area which I'll have to post somewhere when I've gotten to grips with how I would do that. I would highly recommend you take a trip there one day, truly breathtaking.


Ferries are great way to hop from one Island to another or from mainland to an Island. Ferries to England(prom do anglii)on the English Channel is a great way to reach UK from France. It's indeed sad to know that a bridge connects the Skye island now. Number of ferries plying will sure come down.

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